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San Benedetto Camping Relais


Peschiera del Garda - Lake Garda - Italy

The tranquillity of a mobile home in the open air and the comfort of a hotel: this is your holiday at San Benedetto Camping Relais, directly on Lake Garda, in the wine country “Lugana”. You can, of course, enjoy this wine in our restaurant together with the other products from this area.

San Benedetto Camping Relais is very close to amusement parks including Gardaland, Movieland Park, Parco Natura Viva and Parco Giardino Sigurtà. You can take advantage of a variety of facilities for a pleasant holiday. We always try to satisfy the customer when choosing a good restaurant in the city, organizing excursions and everything you want to do in your spare time. Animation, Games, Aquarobics and other sports that will give you a boost of energy!

Total places 376
Type barbecuing Gas and Coal, only in fire area
Safety boxes available Yes
Wi-fi & internet Yes, with restrictions and fee
Extra info Pet bath Dog area

Closest airport
Verona 25 km

1 April – 18 September

Barbecuing allowed

Dogs allowed


✔ Kids pool
✔ Sunbeds
✔ Swimming cap obligatory

✔ Located directly at lake

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is open every sunny day from the end of April to the end of September, without breaks, with many activities from morning to evening, in the company of the animation team, with games, pool parties and much more! Two 25-meter swimming pools and a lagoon for the little ones with a small slide, surrounded by umbrellas and sun beds where you can relax and sunbathe.

Number of pools 2
Depth, dimensions 25m and lagoon
Sunbeds Yes, from € 1,50 up to € 2,50
Opening hours/dates pool From approx.. 25.04 – 20.09 (depending on weather)

✔ Restaurant
✔ Pizzeria
✔ Bar
✔ Bar near pool
✔ Ice cream shop


Inside the Camping and Village San Benedetto you find Restaurants, Pizzeria and a Bar, where our cooks prepare every day unique flavour dishes to spoil your mouth. Discover our Restaurants who makes your vacation rich of tastes and flavours typical of the tradition.

Restaurant La Forchetta

It was always the heart of our Camping Village. This is a place, a long time ago in 1981 where the people went to eat and dance with other people and friends, more than guests, between mask parties, live music and many laughings. In the last years, it has changed a lot, the building and the name. It was called before “Da Guidone” for a character watch with the face of Guido, a little bit to remember when he looked all and everybody, to remember to close the office and open the restaurant because now it is time to eat. Today La Forchetta is still delicious with all the tastes and the family atmosphere this makes it so special.

Restaurant Sanshine

The roots of our story we still find them today with our love for a passed kitchen from our grandparents. With our strong passion, we continue to go along roads innovative towards a sunny and shining future. “Sanshine” it seemed to us the best way to be able to enclose the philosophy exhibition but with a small personal touch made in San Benedetto: it was born Sanshine!

Restaurant Vecchio Mulino Beach

It is directly on the beach, at the exit of San Benedetto Camping Village, the Vecchio Mulino Beach Restaurant offers a kitchen with a lot of surprises, a breathtaking panoramic view, a great service and a very good wine. The choice of the selection is very particular and the taste is very intensive to impress our guests with choices for vegetarians and vegans. It is open from 9.00 until midnight every day.

✔ Playground
✔ Football
✔ Basketball
✔ Volleyball

✔ Table tennis
✔ Bike Rental
✔ Aqua gym
✔ Water sports


In the high season, the multilingual animation team is organising activities for all ages from mornings to evenings!


From 4 until 12 years. Open every day in the morning and in the afternoon, with sports tournaments and games in the pool. In the evening baby dance, talent shows, musicals and much more!

Junior Club

For the teenagers, the junior club offers sports tournaments, interesting laboratory and always different evening shows, cabaret and musicals to experience the life of a real animator!

Animation for everybody

And for the adults? Wake up your muscles, water gym, sports tournaments, great games to feel a child again, play with others or with your own children!

Sport facilities

For families, couples and for those who prefer an outdoor vacation, for cyclists and surfers, for those who get up early and go to bed late, “Lake Garda” has something for everyone! Discover how many things you can do. We are happy to advise you!


“City bike” for women, men and children. For the little ones, you will find comfortable seats applied.


We have single, double and tourist canoes for more fun and comfort. We suggest you reach the nearby Peschiera del Garda for a unique tour around the historic walls of the UNESCO heritage town and along the canals that lead to the river Mincio. Prices: € 8.00 for 1 person per day € 6.00 per person per day with a minimum of 2 people

Cars, scooters and boats

At reception we are available to show you the nearest and advantageous rentals, proposing the agreements we have stipulated to facilitate you in every way!


Our friends with 4 legs are very welcome: they can walk all around the camp side with a leash (except in the swimming pool area). At our restaurants, they will find always a bowl of freshwater.

We have created a specifically fenced area only for the dogs, a huge space where they can run around and they can be happy in the middle of the green where they are completely safe. We have a pet bath with a shower and a comfortable tub.

Close to the exit on the lake you can find Bracco Baldo Beach, a beach with deck chairs and umbrellas where it is possible for your puppy to take a swim! There is a dog sitter available (service with a fee). They take care of your dog when you want to make an excursion without your dog.

When booking it is always better to inform us if you bring your pet. He will receive a nice gadget upon your arrival. We will make sure that you get a mobile home that is also suitable for your four-legged friend: for example in the shade, surrounded by trees, perhaps a bit remote to avoid the passage of strangers disturbing him too much. In the event of an emergency, we can contact veterinarians from the area (24 hours).