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Le Marche is a region in the centre of Italy. It lies between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines. Le Marche region can best be compared to Tuscany. You will find mountains, unspoilt nature, beautiful beaches, authentic villages and old historic cities. The big difference between the two regions is that you will still find peace, purity and space in Le Marche. This is something that was somewhat lost in busy Tuscany. Le Marche region is also called the undiscovered jewel of Italy.

History and culture

If you would like to see some of the local history and culture during your holiday, then Le Marche is the right place for you. This region has an incredibly large selection of museums, historic sites, monuments and ancient architecture. There are also dozens of castles, forts and fortifications. Not only fun for the adults, but the children will also be amazed. In addition, there are 71 old theatres, more than half of which are still being used.

The food culture

Italy is known for its food culture. The women in the family sometimes cook for hours to put the most delicious meals on the table. Most Italian families eat a warm meal in the afternoon, so you will have no trouble ordering a warm meal for lunch. Le Marche, in particular, is known for its authentic Italian cuisine and the many delicacies that you can find there. Le Marche is, in fact, an agricultural region and therefore has many fresh products on the menu. For example, think of olive oil, grappa, meats and truffles.

The climate

The climate in Le Marche is mildly Mediterranean. Summer starts early through the Apennines on one side and the sea on the other. The months of July and August can become quite hot as a highlight. If you go on holiday during this time, it is recommended to cool down by the sea. The temperature of the water remains very pleasant in the Summer months. Even if you would like to visit Le Marche in the winter, you can safely leave your hat and scarf at home. In short, this beautiful Italian region is definitely worth choosing as a holiday destination.


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Verde Azzuro Holiday Center tucked away in the hills of Le Marche region, is unquestionably the ideal spot in the Marches where to spend a relaxing holiday between sport and amusement.