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Liguria, the versatile Italian holiday destination

The beautiful region of Liguria is located in northwestern Italy. This region has a versatile offer for every vacationer. Whether you like peace or bustle and whether you like being active or taking it easy. First of all, the region has a lot to offer in terms of nature. The region is also known for its beautiful sandy beaches. And the beautiful blue water has even more to offer. The Ligurian Sea offers a home to various species of whales and dolphins. If you are in Liguria, a visit to the Aquarium is certainly recommended. In this advanced centre, you can see many animals from the underwater world up close.

Both peace and quiet in Liguria

Those seeking tranquillity are completely in their place in Liguria. There is a lot of nature, making it a popular hiking destination. The region contains many beautiful forests with decades-old trees. There is also plenty to see from the sea with beautiful mountains and many bays and caves. In addition to the tranquillity in nature, there is also plenty to experience for those who prefer a bit more variety. For example, there is a vibrant nightlife in various cities. If you are in the area, pay a visit to the famous casino in San Remo, the city of flowers.

The Italian Riviera

From beautiful mountains and forests to the most beautiful old towns, Liguria offers it all. But the biggest attractions of the region are the beautiful beaches. Liguria is also called the Italian Riviera. The water can be experienced in many ways. From sunbathing and whale watching to scuba diving and snorkelling. Of course, just like in the rest of Italy, good food plays a major role in this region. Try the delicious wines and the tasty local fish dishes. And did you know that the original pesto is always made from Ligurian olive oil? Definitely worth tasting!

Take a look at our locations in Liguria!

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Rebi Village Resort is surrounded by the typical hills of the Ligurian landscape. It has been designed to offer guests pleasure and relaxation.

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Villa Giada Resort offers you sports and relaxation: You can play tennis, football, basketball or just relax with a book by the pool.