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Article 1. Applicability

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all services and agreements concerning the rental of the Accommodations between the Client and Verdala.


Article 2. Definitions

Accommodation: The holiday accommodations offered by Verdala such as bungalows, chalets, apartments, mobile homes and holiday places such as pitches for the caravan/tent etc.
Owner: The Owner of the holiday residences and vacation places, often this is also the Owner of the campsite, the park or the resort.
Fellow traveller: The persons who are registered by the Traveller when booking and who are part of the travel group.
Assignment: The agreement between the Traveller and Verdala, whereby Verdala undertakes to provide services to the Traveller in the field of travel.
Park: The campsite, park or resort where the Accommodation is located.
Travel sum: Basic rental costs including Reservation costs, any discounts, other costs and premium cancellation insurance, excluding costs payable locally.

  1. The client (notifier), or
  2. Others than the client on whose behalf the client concludes an agreement and who accepts this agreement.
    Reservation costs: The amount that Verdala charges for its services.

Website: The Website that Verdala uses to offer Accommodations.
Working days: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding public holidays recognized in the Netherlands.


Article 3. The reservation and agreement

3.1 The agreement

3.1.1 The Traveller can reserve an Accommodation online via the Verdala Website.

The Traveller must be at least 21 years of age at the time of booking. The Traveler is jointly and severally liable for all Fellow Travellers who are registered and who accompany him.

3.1.2 After this reservation, the Traveller will receive a confirmation by e-mail that the reservation has been received by Verdala. Within 3 Business Days, the traveller’s details are checked for accuracy and the Traveller from Verdala receives confirmation that the Accommodation has been booked. This confirmation e-mail is also the agreement that was concluded between the Traveller and Verdala.

3.1.3 If the Traveller has not received an e-mail then something may have gone wrong with the reservation and the Traveller must contact Verdala, failing which the Traveller cannot invoke the reservation.

3.2 Refuse reservation

There are holiday parks that do not accept reservations from a travel group that consist of young people. Verdala, therefore, reserves the right to refuse those reservations.

Furthermore, Verdala reserves the right to refuse a reservation if it is suspected that the Accommodation will be used in violation of these Terms and Conditions.


3.3 Right of withdrawal

Bookings made are legally definitive. A right of withdrawal (the so-called cooling-off period) as referred to in the Civil Code does not apply to services relating to the rental of Accommodations.


Article 4. Prices and costs


4.1 Prices

4.1.1 The prices quoted are per Accommodation per night, unless stated otherwise.

4.1.2 A combination of discounts is not possible.

4.1.3 Verdala reserves the right to change the Travel Sum if an increase in government levies or taxes justifies this.

4.1.4 Any discount promotions do not apply to existing agreements.


4.2 Reservation costs

The Reservation costs amount to 22.50 per reservation.

4.3 Other costs

These are the costs for bed linen, baby bed dog, wifi, air conditioning in the Accommodation etc. If these costs can be booked directly with the reservation, they will fall into this category. If this is not the case, they will fall under the category “on-site costs”, see Article 4.5.

4.4 Costs on the spot

Some costs must be paid locally. Consider, for example, tourist tax. It also happens that bed linen, WiFi or air conditioning for the Accommodation have to be paid on the spot. We will post this information on the Website as much as possible.

4.5 Deposit

The deposit is an amount to be paid upon arrival at the park, as an advance on any damage caused during the stay by (the fault of) the Traveler or Co-Traveler. Any contractual fines can also be deducted from the deposit. Accommodation must be left clean and tidy at all times. If the Accommodation is not left clean or damaged, the deposit may be withheld. Verdala does not take any responsibility for levying and/or repaying this deposit.

4.6 Preference

The preferred costs are € 5 per preference. A preference offers no guarantee. No rights can be derived from the cancellation of a preference. The preferred costs are administrative costs and cannot be refunded afterwards. Preferences (also referred to as preferences) with regard to the Accommodations such as the location and the like must be communicated immediately upon reservation. Verdala communicates these preferences to the park. The implementation thereof cannot be guaranteed by Verdala.


Article 5. Invoice and payment

5.1 Invoice

Within 3 Business Days after the confirmation email from Verdala, the Traveller will receive the invoice by email. The Traveller must check the invoice and pay it within 8 days.


5.2 Payment

5.2.1 Within 8 days after receipt of the invoice, 30% of the travel sum must be paid. The Traveller pays the remainder of the invoice no later than 10 weeks before the arrival date.

5.2.2 If the agreement is concluded within 10 weeks of the day of departure, the full Travel Sum must be paid immediately upon receipt of the confirmation e-mail.

5.3 Do not pay within the payment period
5.3.1 If the agreed payment terms are exceeded, Verdala reserves the right to cancel the reservation and to hold the Traveller liable for the costs incurred.

5.3.2 In this case, the cancellation conditions apply in accordance with Article 6.3 and the amount already paid will be deducted from the cancellation costs.

5.3.3 Verdala reserves the right to transfer the claim on behalf of the park or the Owner of the Accommodation to a third party (for example a collection agency). All related judicial and extrajudicial costs, as well as the (legal) interest,  will then be recovered from the Traveller.


Article 6. Change or cancellation

6.1 Changes by the Traveller

6.1.1 Change costs amount to € 30 per change.

6.1.1 Requests for change after the conclusion of the agreement can be submitted by the Traveller to Verdala by e-mail.

6.1.2 If the change to the agreement is possible, a new calculation of the travel sum will be made (if necessary).

6.1.3 Change requests can be made up to 28 calendar days before departure.

6.1.4 The following is understood by change requests:

Changing the number of people

Reservation of bed linen and towels

Reserving a cot

Changing a Fellow Traveller (if an additional Fellow Traveller is added, this may incur additional costs)

If the main Traveller is unable to attend, the booking can be taken over by another Traveller or a completely different family. There are parks that do not accept this change and see this as a cancellation. In that case, we must charge cancellation costs.

6.1.5 What does not fall under change requests include:

A change of the departure or arrival date, a change of campsite, a change of accommodation or the shortening of the date is considered a cancellation of the trip. For this, see Article 6.3 Cancellation by the Traveller.

6.1.6 If the change request is rejected, the original agreement will remain in force.


6.2 Cancellation by Traveller

6.2.1 The traveler can cancel the agreement before the departure date. In addition to the reservation costs, the traveler owes the following cancellation costs:

For cancellation up to the 42nd calendar day (exclusive) before the departure day: the deposit;
For cancellation from the 42nd calendar day (inclusive) to the 28th calendar day (exclusive) before the departure day: 60% of the travel sum;
For cancellation from the 28th calendar day (inclusive) up to the departure day: 90% of the travel sum.
If canceled on the day of arrival or later: the full travel sum

6.2.2 If the cancellation policy of the parks differs significantly from the above, we will apply the same policy as the parks. In this case this is clearly stated at the accommodation on the “booking info” tab.


6.3 Change or cancellation by Verdala

6.3.1 Any unacceptable error in the pricing gives Verdala the right to cancel the agreement and to offer a new agreement. The Traveller can accept this agreement again or not. This error or mistake in pricing can be discovered by Verdala at a later date. If the Traveller himself discovers this error or mistake, he should contact Verdala as soon as possible.

6.3.2 In the event of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, Verdala may cancel the reservation. Unforeseen circumstances and force majeure include, but are not limited to:

That the Accommodation is no longer suitable for renting out (for example due to flooding, forest fire or non-performance of the park or the Owner of the Accommodation);
That the Accommodation is no longer available (for example due to the sudden sale of the Accommodation by the Owner of the Accommodation, double-placed reservation or bankruptcy of the park or the Owner of the Accommodation.
Verdala will immediately inform the Traveller of this by stating the reason by telephone or in writing.

6.3.3  In this case, Verdala will attempt to find and offer equivalent alternative Accommodation to the Traveller.

6.3.4 If no suitable alternative is available or if the Traveller does not agree with the alternative offered, Verdala will refund the already paid Travel Sum without owing any compensation.


Article 7. The journey and travel information

7.1 The journey

7.1.1 Travelling to and from the booked Accommodation is provided by the Traveller himself and is entirely for his own account and risk.

7.1.2 The Traveller himself is responsible for carrying the necessary documents, such as a valid passport or identity card and any required visas, driver’s license, green card, vignette or other documents that are required to travel to the destination to make.

7.1.3 The Traveller must take care of all compulsory vaccinations for persons and (pets) animals.

7.1.4 If the Traveller cannot complete the trip due to the absence of any (valid) document such as in Articles 7.2 and 7.3, all associated consequences will be for his own account. Verdala does not take any responsibility for the incorrect travel documents and the lack of compulsory vaccinations or health declarations.


7.2 Travel information

7.2.1. Verdala shall provide the Traveller with the required travel documents no later than 10 calendar days before the arrival date of the first booked stay unless this cannot reasonably be expected of Verdala.

7.2.2 In the event that a trip is booked within 10 calendar days before the arrival date of the first booked stay, Verdala will indicate when and how the required travel documents will be made available to the Traveller.

7.3 Arrival and departure

7.3.1 Check-in and check-out times vary per park and are stated on the travel documents.

7.3.2 Earlier arrival is at your own risk.

7.3.3 In the event of expected late arrival, the Traveller must report this directly by telephone to the manager of the Accommodation.

7.3.4 In the event of no hearing, the Traveller must contact Verdala by telephone.

7.3.5 If the park has not been informed of the late arrival, the Accommodation will remain reserved for the Traveller up to 24 hours after the end of the arrival time.

7.3.6. If the Traveller does not arrive within these 24 hours or has otherwise reported to the park or Verdala within this period, the reservation will be deemed to have been cancelled under the conditions of Article 6.3 of these General Conditions.

7.3.7 For all reservations, the costs for the entire reserved period are due in the event of late arrival or early departure.

Article 8. The park

8.1 costs facilities / activities / services

On our Website, the Traveller can see which facilities are available at the park. There may be costs associated with the use of these facilities. Verdala is not liable for unexpectedly calculated or changing costs for the use of facilities or services.


8.2 Opening times facilities/activities/services

Verdala cannot guarantee that all facilities are always open. Certainly, in the offseason, it may happen that some facilities are closed or some services are not offered. If the opening times are known to us, we will state these on the Website. Verdala cannot be held liable for any changes in opening times or services that are not offered.


Article 9. The Accommodation

9.1 Purposes

The Accommodations may only be used for holiday purposes.


9.2 Maximum permitted persons

Occupation of the Accommodation you have reserved with more than the maximum number of persons allowed (including children and babies) as stated on our Website, as stated on our Website is not permitted. In this case, the park can refuse you access to the Accommodation. The Traveller is not entitled to compensation. It is not allowed to receive visitors or to let them stay overnight without asking the park’s prior approval.


9.3 State of the Accommodation

9.3.1 The Property is made available to the (Co) Travellers in good condition by the Owner. If the (Co) Travellers are of the opinion that this is not the case, they must report this immediately.

9.3.2 (Co-) Traveller is obliged to carefully treat the rented property and the associated inventory. (Co) Passenger will leave the Accommodation in broom clean condition upon departure. All damage caused to the Accommodation by the (Co) Traveller must be reported by the (Co) Traveller to the Owner before departure and must be paid directly to the manager or reception.

9.3.3 If the Accommodation is not left clean or with damage to the inventory, the value thereof can be withheld from the deposit.


Article 10. Obligations

10.1 Obligations Verdala

10.1.1 Verdala will make every effort to update the information it provides on the Website as soon as possible, after receiving additional information from the Owner of the Park or the Owner of the Accommodation, in accordance with the information provided.

10.1.2 Verdala is not liable for the lack of information on the Website that it has not received (in time) from the Owner.


10.2 Obligations Travellers and Fellow Travellers

The (Co) Traveller and their possible guests undertake to properly comply with all obligations included in these General Terms and Conditions, as well as the obligations included in the park regulations.


Article 11. Complaints

Verdala distinguishes between complaints prior to the holiday and complaints during your stay.


11.1 Complaint prior to the holiday

This includes complaints about the reservation process, the Website, the service and the information.


11.2 Complaint during the stay

11.2.1 If the Traveller has a complaint about the Accommodation or the park, then this complaint must first be made known to the Owner of the Accommodation or the park so that the latter is given the opportunity to resolve the complaint. If the Traveller and Owner cannot find a solution, the Traveller must contact Verdala.

Verdala attempts to resolve the complaint within 48 hours.

11.2.2 If the Traveller fails to report his complaint in writing or by telephone during his stay, as a result of which Verdala is not given the opportunity to resolve the complaint, the Traveller can no longer appeal to Verdala later. Any entitlement to compensation will then expire.

11.2.3 A complaint that has not been satisfactorily resolved on the spot must be submitted in writing within 2 weeks of the end of the trip. Verdala will respond to the content within 1 month of receiving the complaint.


Article 12. Liability

12.1 Verdala is not liable for loss and/or theft (including money), damage to property, damage or injury caused to the (Co) Traveller by whatever cause.

12.2 The use of all facilities and services at the holiday destination is at the risk of the (Co) Traveller.

12.3 Verdala is not liable for damage suffered as a result of the rented Accommodation not meeting the requirements or wishes of the Traveller.

12.4 Verdala cannot accept any liability for unexpected (construction) activities in the vicinity of the reserved Accommodation, work on access roads and/or main roads, noise nuisance from neighbours, church bells, cars, trains or agricultural equipment, nuisance caused by vermin and environmental problems in the proximity to the accommodation.

12.5 Evident errors or mistakes on the Website do not bind Verdala.

12.6 Verdala is not responsible for the accuracy of (photo) material provided and/or compiled by third parties.

The (Co) Traveller is deemed to be aware of the local laws and regulations. Verdala is not liable for the consequences of a possible violation thereof by the (Co) Traveller.

12.7 The Owner is free to provide the (Co) Traveller with instructions about the use of the Accommodation and everything that goes with it. During the stay, the (Co) Traveller is liable for damage caused to the Accommodation, the establishment and all items that belong to the booked Accommodation during the stay, regardless of who caused the damage. The settlement of this damage must in the first instance take place between the Owner and the Traveller. If the damage has not been settled with the Owner, Verdala is entitled to hold the Traveller (on behalf of the Owner) liable for the damage or loss suffered. All related costs are for the account of the Traveller, which is stated on the confirmation invoice.

12.8 Dutch law applies to the agreements concluded on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions.